How to kit your kids for school on a budget


Kit your kids out for school on a budget by using these tips:


  • Embrace second hand: Some people feel there is a stigma to buying uniforms from the second hand store but when it comes to items like blazers, children grow so quickly that it makes little financial sense to buy a new one each year. Children also tend to lose items like jerseys and tracksuit tops so pick up an extra one from the second hand store.
  • Start a shoe chain: Some kids are hard on their shoes and wear them out but others outgrow them so quickly they look brand new. If there is a kid who is a year older/ size bigger have an arrangement to buy the pair of shoes whenever they outgrow them.
  • Look after rather than replace: Keep white shirts looking better for longer by soaking them in pre-soak before washing.
  • Don’t go into debt for school uniforms if you can help it. Even if it means buying just one or two shirts and washing each day until you have saved for another one.



  • There are so many specials at the moment – check your newspaper for specials.
  • Schools often send very long stationery lists for the whole year – if you don’t have the cash, find out what is required for the first term and budget for the next lot.
  • If you have to buy text books find out if there is an e-book version and if it will be practical for your child to use this.

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