Where to invest for your child’s education


There are several savings vehicles you can use to invest for your child’s education. You can use a general savings vehicle such as a unit trust. Or you can look for a savings vehicle specifically designed for education savings. Make sure you find out upfront exactly what fees and commissions you are liable for and how these will affect your investment. Some examples of investments you can make and the minimum debit orders required include:

  • Standard Bank Fundisa: R40
  • First National Bank Momentum Growth Fund: R40
  • Absa Inflation Beater Fund: R100
  • Absa Absolute Fund: R200
  • SIM Balanced Fund: R200
  • SIM Absolute Return Income Fund: R200
  • MET General Equity Fund: R500
  • Stanlib Shari’ah Equity Fund: R500
  • Satrix Top 40 Index Fund: R500
  • Nedbank Investments Rainmaker Fund: R500

This article was first published in City Press on 12 January 2014.

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